AirPortr is a UK London-based same-day luggage delivery service, transporting bags to and from London Heathrow, Gatwick and City airports, as well as homes, hotels and offices in the capital.

Passengers flying into London’s airports are able to book online, over the phone, or when they land at the airport and drop their luggage with an AirPortr concierge before heading into the city.

The Challenge

AirPortr called on myself and UX designer Sabrina Pinacastelli to support the team in creating their beta site for British Airways. The test was in hopes that British Airways would officially sign as a permanent partner as a part of a long term strategy. The value AirPortr would bring to customers is in assisting flyers with their luggage, enabling them to check in their bags before ever arriving at the airport. 

Process and Roles

We were tasked to look over the current user journey and digital process guiding their customers through signup and check in. I was personally tasked with the final UI design and creating the high-level process map. This showed how the users would discover AirPortr through British Airways with a smooth delightful transition.

Card Sorting Exercise

Going Forward

The beta site was met with much delight, securing British Airways as their first strategic partner, which led to AirPortr securing more major airlines over the coming years.

A later version of the airportr platform, the layout shows elements of the original beta design

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