In my early days of transitioning into design, I attended a service design hackathon held by Loughborough University; Global Service Jam. I found myself amongst a team of inspirational designers and developers and together over 48 hours created a prototype named “Feals”. We created the app to help serve those who struggle from poor mental health.

The Challenge

The aim was to break downward spirals by encouraging those in need to partake in mindful colouring activities by themselves or with trusted friends, followed by CBT journalling practices to help them better understand what happened and why. This app would hope to create better ways of dealing with a crisis through self help and encourage them to improve their crisis management over time through scientifically proven journaling techniques.

Process and Roles

We spent one day gathering insights and rapid user interviews with individuals that were open in sharing their stories. From this we were able to map out a product roadmap and create an idealised partnership plan with large mental health charities. My position in the group was to focus on the user needs and synthesise the research that we had accumulated and create a proposed business plan.

Going Forward

Our team went on to win the hackathon that year for the UK, given that our contribution and efforts were seen as giving an actual contribution to an established cause.

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